Our bespoke reporting software enables you to keep track of all your document and print stock movements online, including their precise location, destruction review date and retrieval status.


Document Storage Reporting and your Online Client Portal

Client Portal

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Our online client portal, accessible only by your authorised users, provides a secure platform to view up to date information about your boxes, generate reports and order goods and services from us.

This service keeps track of your documents movements to the file level as well as retaining a permanent record of your past documents, including the date in which they were confidentially destroyed or removed from storage.


Our reporting service includes:

  • Date Into Storage

  • Box Status (i.e. Live, Retrieved, Destroyed Etc)

  • Retrieval History of Boxes

  • Files Currently Out on Retrieval

  • File Retrieval History

  • Box Destruction Review Date

  • Permanently Retrieved Boxes

  • Destroyed Boxes

Print Stock Reporting

Our print stock reporting gives a detailed insight into your current stock usage levels and inventory. It displays current stock levels of each line item, to whom and what quantities were delivered and also includes dates of delivery. It also lets us notify you when items reach predetermined minimum order levels.

Our reporting also includes a high definition photographic catalogue of your stock inventory, making it very easy to trace the exact line item you need and is especially useful when searching through marketing material.


Our reporting service includes:

  • Box quantities

  • Total quantities

  • Minimum order levels

  • Units on order / in stock

  • Item code

  • Item description

  • Item retrieval history

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