With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve had some time to think about what makes a quality document storage box, and we believe that we have developed the perfect one.

Available in a choice of two sizes to suit a wide variety of document types, our boxes host a range of features outlined as follows that make them the most durable you’ll find.

  • Extra deep 70mm lids ensuring that they stay affixed.

  • Seams are staple stitched for longevity, unlike glue, which deteriorates over time.

  • Outer and inner skin is made with 25% stronger paper than industry standard.

  • Outer layer is ‘Kraft’ quality, which is not as prone to the absorption of moisture.

  • The Corrugated board is over 71% stronger than standard. Our Board is also sprayed with a starching agent for added durability.

Document Storage Box

Available in two sizes

Our archiving boxes are supplied in two different sizes, both have been designed around the most commonly used document types, meaning less wasted space and a superior fill rate:

  • Docusave’s standard sized archive box: 390mm x 290mm x 250mm approx. Designed with the use of cardboard foolscap files in mind, such as those made by Jiffex or Eastlight. Our box can accommodate a pile of files up to 275mm high.
  • Docusave’s large sized box: 400mm x 340mm x 260mm approx.  Specifically designed around A4 lever arch files and large enough to accommodate up to 8 files. Our large sized box is also perfectly suited to storing large volumes of loose A4 paper.

Whichever size best suits your archiving needs, all our boxes are supplied in space saving flat packed form with easy to follow instructions, making them ideal for use in the office, home or school.