Our proven service specifically tailored for Solicitors ensures a seamless document management experience.

Solicitors and Barristers produce an extensive amount of paperwork, and physical document storage plays a crucial role in preserving and managing important legal records. Legal documents such as contracts, deeds, court filings, evidence, and client files are often required to be maintained in physical form for various legal and compliance reasons.

This method of physical record storage and retrieval offers a tangible and reliable means of preserving vital data, ensuring its availability for future reference or legal purposes and safeguarding them from damage or loss.

Docusave specialise in storage and retrieval services “high intrinsic value documents” for legal practices. Our proven document storage and retrieval systems are designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your records and offers a thoroughly reliable and efficient solution to your archiving requirements.


The benefits include:

  • Space optimisation: Offsite storage massively reduces physical storage requirements by eliminating the need for extensive filing cabinets and dedicated storage rooms.

  • Enhanced retrieval speed: Docusave’s document retrieval system enables quick and accurate document retrieval to either office or home environment, leading to improved client service and response times.

  • Regulatory compliance: All our services are GDPR Compliant, minimising legal and regulatory risks.

  • Operational efficiency: The streamlined archiving process reduces administrative burden, enabling staff members to focus on higher-value tasks and client service.

  • Cost savings: Moving your client files to offsite document storage reduces administrative overheads, and generates cost savings in storage space, supplies, and document management.

  • Online Client Portal: Our online portal centralises your records and enables multiple logins for authorised users. It will keep a record of retention dates and we are able to send notifications when boxes are nearing their destruction date, allowing you time to decide which documents can be securely destroyed and which need to be retained.

Please take a moment to look at our client testimonials and case studies below to see what you can expect from us.


Our Document Storage Service for solicitors offers…

  • Modern, purpose built document storage facilities

  • Tracked collections and deliveries, using only our own vehicles and fully trained staff

  • Secure storage with 24/7 monitored CCTV and security entry systems

  • Operate to the highest GDPR compliant standards

  • Easy desktop control through our online client portal, providing you with the ability to request a document at the touch of a button. Our system provides you with a full audit trail and proof of an unbroken chain of custody

  • Off-site storage experts who will help set up and run your records management protocols

  • Enhanced record keeping

  • Recorded delivery in as little as 2 hours from request received

  • Secure and reliable access to critical information

Case Study R Sharples

R Sharples is a mid-sized solicitors based in London with a particular focus on conveyancing. The solicitors regularly deal with a significant volume of physical documents, including contracts, property deeds, leases, and client files.

R Sharples approached Docusave for help in managing their physical document storage and retrieval needs. We were able to implement a streamlined solution to enhance efficiency and accessibility. By adopting modern, specialised document management practices, the solicitors optimised document retrieval, reduced costs, and improved overall productivity.

As with many of our London based clients, office space is at a premium and as the solicitors archiving system relies heavily on traditional filing cabinets and onsite storage rooms across multiple offices, this leads to numerous challenges:

  1. Limited Accessibility: Locating and retrieving specific documents was time-consuming, requiring manual search and potential misplacement.
  2. Space Constraints: The growing document volume strained the already limited available storage space.
  3. Security Risks: Physical documents were susceptible to damage from environmental factors, theft, or unauthorised access.
  4. Inefficient Collaboration: Sharing physical documents across multiple locations or with remote employees posed logistical difficulties.

Docusave had the following objectives to achieve:

  1. Enhanced Document Retrieval: Implement a system that enables quick and efficient retrieval of physical documents to multiple locations.
  2. Optimal Space Utilisation: Maximise the utilisation of available space by eliminating unnecessary in-house document storage.
  3. Improved Security: Establish a secure and controlled environment to mitigate risks of loss, theft, or damage.
  4. Streamlined Collaboration: Enable access to physical documents to several sites across London.

With over 25 years experience specialising in physical document and retrieval solutions, we were able to implement the following steps to:

  1. Categorisation and indexing: Docusave’s tried and tested storage system was implemented, alongside a centralised client portal to ensure accurate and efficient retrieval of documents accessible through authorised user accounts.
  2. Regular scheduled collections: Docusave scheduled regular and ad hoc collections to take away store and manage archiving.
  3. Storage and Management: The documents were securely stored in Docusave’s modern, secure, purpose built storage facility.
  4. Document Destruction: Following collection, Docusave helped develop a document retention policy to determine which physical documents should be destroyed and which should be archived. This policy ensured compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The implementation of Docusave’s streamlined physical document storage solution yielded significant benefits for R Sharples including:

  1. Improved Document Retrieval: with access to their records in as little as 2 hours from requst, the solicitors could locate and retrieve documents faster than if they were still stored in their own offices, saving valuable time and reducing errors.
  2. Space Optimisation: By eliminating the need for physical storage rooms and virtually eliminating the reliance of onsite archiving, R Sharples maximised office space utilisation, reducing associated costs.
  3. Docusave’s purpose built facility offers robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive client information against unauthorised access, physical damage, or loss.

Client Testimonials from Solicitors

During the three years we have used Docusave for both our file and deeds storage, we have found their service to be most efficient. Their operatives are well informed and helpful and fulfill our requirements to a high standard

Lyn J Brailsford
Office Manager
Mundays Solicitors

Document Storage for solicitors

We have used Docusave for several years and have found their service most conscientious and efficient and have no hesitation in recommending them to solicitors and other businesses with a need for well managed document retention.

Christopher Horspool
Stewarts Solicitors

Solicitors Logo for Stewarts Law

Our Unique Processes & Dedicated Staff Guarantee 100% accuracy.

To enable us to provide you with the most accurate and efficient service available, all retrieval and collection requests are assigned to a specific Client Service Advisor who has complete responsibility for the entire process, including retrieving the documents, delivering them to your desk, returning files back to your assigned shelf and finalising the paperwork process.

This fosters a much greater sense of responsibility than would otherwise be the case if your job was passed from person to person, and results in a superior client service. Any issues or concerns you have can this way be addressed at the time of delivery or collection, as the Client Service Advisor is responsible for all administrative aspects of your request.

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