Our proven service specifically tailored for charities ensures a seamless document management experience.

Charitable organisations generate a significant amount of paperwork that requires careful preservation and management. The physical storage of documents plays a crucial role in maintaining important records related to charitable activities.

Documents such as donation receipts, grant applications, financial records, and beneficiary information often need to be stored in physical form to meet legal and compliance requirements.

By employing a reliable method of physical record storage and retrieval, charities can ensure the preservation and availability of vital data for future reference or legal compliance purposes while safeguarding them from damage or loss.

Our dedicated team specialises in providing storage and retrieval services tailored to the unique needs of charitable organisations with “high intrinsic value” documents.

In addition, we offer comprehensive stock control and management services that cover every aspect of your inventory, including purchasing, receiving, order tracking, shipping, and reordering.

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific stock control needs. With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in storing, distributing, and managing your marketing and sales materials, such as flyers, catalogues, display stands, leaflets, and all materials used for exhibitions, events or point of sale.

Our advanced systems are capable of predicting demand by projecting stock requirements and conducting inventory forecasting. This ensures that you receive alerts well before it’s time to restock, guaranteeing that your inventory is always up to date and accurate.

We take into account lead times and delivery schedules, so you’ll never run out of items for distribution.

Our detailed reports provide comprehensive information on all inventory movements, eliminating any guesswork when it comes to order tracking. Additionally, we capture high-definition images of all stock items to facilitate easy identification and maintain version control.

Our proven systems are designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your records, offering a reliable and efficient solution to your archiving and print stock requirements.


The benefits include:

  • Space optimisation: Offsite storage massively reduces physical storage requirements by eliminating the need for extensive filing cabinets and dedicated storage rooms.

  • Enhanced retrieval speed: Docusave’s document retrieval system enables quick and accurate document retrieval to either office or home environment, leading to improved client service and response times.

  • Regulatory compliance: All our services are GDPR Compliant, minimising legal and regulatory risks.

  • Operational efficiency: The streamlined archiving process reduces administrative burden, enabling staff members to focus on higher-value tasks and client service.

  • Cost savings: Moving your client files to offsite document storage reduces administrative overheads, and generates cost savings in storage space, supplies, and document management.

  • Online Client Portal: Our online portal centralises your records and enables multiple logins for authorised users. It will keep a record of retention dates and we are able to send notifications when boxes are nearing their destruction date, allowing you time to decide which documents can be securely destroyed and which need to be retained.

Partner with us to optimise your document and print stock storage and retrieval processes, enabling your charitable organisation to focus on making a positive impact in the community.

Please take a moment to look at our client testimonials and case studies below to see what you can expect from us.


Our Document Storage Service for charitable organisations offers…

  • Modern, purpose built document storage facilities

  • Tracked collections and deliveries, using only our own vehicles and fully trained staff

  • Secure storage with 24/7 monitored CCTV and security entry systems

  • Operate to the highest GDPR compliant standards

  • Easy desktop control through our online client portal, providing you with the ability to request a document at the touch of a button. Our system provides you with a full audit trail and proof of an unbroken chain of custody

  • Off-site storage experts who will help set up and run your records management protocols

  • Enhanced record keeping

  • Recorded delivery in as little as 2 hours from request received

  • Secure and reliable access to critical information

Case Studies

Learning and Skills Council

Document storage for charitable organisations

The Learning and Skills Council (‘LSC’) approached Docusave with a need to store over 80 different stock lines, which included marketing banners, badges, leaflets, brochures and buttons. LSC needed to have easy and immediate access to the material and have stock items delivered across several locations throughout London and Surrey, including directly to exhibition venues.

We designed and created a bespoke print stock control and reporting system, which included photographs of all individual stock items. The system allowed the client to see at a glance total stock quantities, individual box quantities, minimum order levels, delivery locations and dates. The inclusion of a photograph with each item made identifying individual stock items a much simpler process then by going on product codes alone.

With the new stock control and reporting system in place, stock items were easily identified for delivery, and using the same robust delivery and retrieval procedures proven with our document retrieval process, we are able to retrieve and transport them to any location efficiently, quickly and reliably.

Docusave can transport items directly to the exhibition venue. If required, we can then assemble any display stands or promotional stock lines prior to the start of the event. A photograph is then sent to LSC to confirm the stand is ready for the event opening.

Help the Aged

Age UK logo

We were approached by the Help the Aged charity with a requirement to store both file archiving and stock items.  Due to the size of the operation, they were experiencing problems with their existing storage provider in both accurately establishing stock levels and gaining access to their stored items.

Docusave managed the transfer of storage items from their existing supplier to our facilities to ensure disruption was avoided. Any loose documents or those stored in severely damaged boxes were then re-boxed and processed for storage, and all items were assigned an individual box location on client-specific shelves. All items were uploaded to our database and a full document report was made available detailing date into storage, destruction review dates and retrieval status — making the process of locating and ordering documents for delivery a simple one.

stock management control system was then built to monitor stock movements and levels directly, and a scheduled weekly delivery service was established to guarantee that the supply of stock items and archiving continues uninterrupted.

Client Testimonials from Charitable Organisations

Parity for Disability has used Docusave for a number of years and it has been a pleasure working with them because they are very efficient, endlessly helpful and really friendly. I have always found them to be extremely reliable & trustworthy and nothing is too much trouble for them. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering using their services.

Facilities Manager
Parity for Disability
Charitable Organisation

Docusave was and still is the answer to our prayers. About to downsize, we needed somewhere secure to store documents that we might need in the future – documents from 1995. The boxes they use are particularly well designed and sturdy and mean that the weight is never too much. Docusave’s retrieval service is brilliant, the service exceptional, and the staff go well above and beyond in every way. We’ve been grateful clients since July 2001. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Docusave.

Stephanie Trotter OBE
President & Direction
CO-Gas Safety

Our Unique Processes & Dedicated Staff Guarantee 100% accuracy.

To enable us to provide you with the most accurate and efficient service available, all retrieval and collection requests are assigned to a specific Client Service Advisor who has complete responsibility for the entire process, including retrieving the documents, delivering them to your desk, returning files back to your assigned shelf and finalising the paperwork process.

This fosters a much greater sense of responsibility than would otherwise be the case if your job was passed from person to person, and results in a superior client service. Any issues or concerns you have can this way be addressed at the time of delivery or collection, as the Client Service Advisor is responsible for all administrative aspects of your request.

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