We offer a range of services specifically designed to meet a variety of document storage needs, however we are also able to tailor-make a service to suit any document or print stock storage situation as required. Below are just a few examples of where we have developed a service to meet a client’s specific needs.

Learning and Skills Council

The Learning and Skills Council (‘LSC’) approached Docusave with a need to store over 80 different stock lines, which included marketing banners, badges, leaflets, brochures and buttons. LSC needed to have easy and immediate access to the material and have stock items delivered across several locations throughout London and Surrey, including directly to exhibition venues.

We designed and created a bespoke print stock control and reporting system, which included photographs of all individual stock items. The system allowed the client to see at a glance total stock quantities, individual box quantities, minimum order levels, delivery locations and dates. The inclusion of a photograph with each item made identifying individual stock items a much simpler process then by going on product codes alone.

With the new stock control and reporting system in place, stock items were easily identified for delivery, and using the same robust delivery and retrieval procedures proven with our document retrieval process, we are able to retrieve and transport them to any location efficiently, quickly and reliably.

Docusave can transport items directly to the exhibition venue. If required, we can then assemble any display stands or promotional stock lines prior to the start of the event. A photograph is then sent to LSC to confirm the stand is ready for the event opening.

Chubb Insurance of Europe

Chubb Insurance Logo

Docusave was recommended to Chubb by one of our clients. Chubb needed a system to control and report on over 350 different lines of print stock in several different languages including French, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch and German.

The work had previously been carried out by existing print suppliers who, though they were able to produce high-quality stock items, lacked a robust stock control and monitoring system.This meant that reorder levels were regularly missed, causing stock outs on certain lines.

To solve this issue, Docusave created a full stock management control system, including comprehensive reporting. This enabled us to put into place an efficient monitoring system that tracks all stock levels and movements.

An ‘Alert’ and ‘Alert and Reorder’ system was built in, which meant that when stock lines reached pre-agreed minimum levels, either we could notify Chubb of a need to reorder (‘Alert’ service) or we could reorder and replenish directly from the printers (‘Alert and Reorder’ service).

All incoming stock is routinely quality checked and the system updated to reflect new stock received, and using only our own staff and fleet of vehicles ensures that there is no break in the stock supply system.

Help The Aged

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We were approached by the Help the Aged charity with a requirement to store both file archiving and stock items.  Due to the size of the operation, they were experiencing problems with their existing storage provider in both accurately establishing stock levels and gaining access to their stored items.

Docusave managed the transfer of storage items from their existing supplier to our facilities to ensure disruption was avoided. Any loose documents or those stored in severely damaged boxes were then re-boxed and processed for storage, and all items were assigned an individual box location on client-specific shelves. All items were uploaded to our database and a full document report was made available detailing date into storage, destruction review dates and retrieval status — making the process of locating and ordering documents for delivery a simple one.

A stock management control system was then built to monitor stock movements and levels directly, and a scheduled weekly delivery service was established to guarantee that the supply of stock items and archiving continues uninterrupted.

Rawlinson & Hunter

Rawlinson Hunter logo

Rawlinson & Hunter, a large accountancy firm based in London and Surrey, were having issues with the reliability of their document retrieval service they were experiencing from their existing supplier, which was further compounded by poor communication.

To establish a greater communication with our clients, and to guarantee that all deliveries and collections go as smoothly as possible, all retrieval requests we receive are confirmed via email the same day, meaning that any arising queries can be dealt with prior to delivery.  A knowledgeable member of the Docusave team is also available to answer all calls and email queries, and remains on hand to address any issues.

Each retrieval and collection request is assigned to a specific Client Service Advisor, who has complete responsibility for the entire process, including retrieving the documents, delivering directly to your desk, returning items back to their assigned shelf, finalising the paperwork process and closing the job to your satisfaction. This fosters a much greater sense of responsibility than would otherwise be the case if requests were passed from person to person, and results in an exceptional service as any concerns can be addressed at the time of delivery or collection.

Docusave’s communication procedures, combined with our reliable retrieval and delivery process, gives our clients complete confidence that the correct file or box will be delivered to the right person at the right time.

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